Three Things Motherhood Isn’t And One Thing It Is

These days you will see and hear and read from a lot of people what motherhood is all about. They will tell you every single thing you're doing wrong, and how they're doing it the right way. With two children of my own I feel like I should weigh in here so here are three things motherhood isn't. 1. Motherhood is not a bludgeon you use against others. It doesn't matter how you gave birth or how long you decided to nurse or whether you used only a certain couple of brands. Yet everyday you see people making others feel less about their personal experience as a mother because of these topics. That needs to stop because we're all in this together and need to support each other. 2. Motherhood is not a competition (honestly it isn't) If little Tommy walked before your Brianna that doesn't mean anything except he walked first. No one is keeping score and there won't be a prize of four billion dollars at the end. A little friendly ribbing never hurt anyone, but forcing children into all kinds of things has. Childhood is just for a little while so let the kids enjoy it rather than making it about you and your "needs". 3. Motherhood is not about your hangups. Motherhood is not about your personal expectations. When you sign-on to this position you are signing up to put your child or children ahead of yourself.

That means doing what is best for them even if it disadvantages you a bit. That does mean stay barefoot in the kitchen, but it does mean they shouldn't be punished because they had the nerve to be born a different sex then what you wanted or to need a hospital birth rather than a "natural" one. Yes these are issues for some people. Other issues of being a tomboy or not being much of a girly girl. These are individuals and its your job as a mother to help them discover who they are as an individual. Now here is one thing motherhood is: A gift. It is also a responsibility and a joy and many other things. It is a position that will last as long as you live and no one I know would trade it for anything. So enjoy it and try not to add anymore stress then you have to.

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