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Surgical Weight Loss Disadvantages

When folks are obese beyond a point they are asked to consider losing weight through surgical means. Though it is a simple enough procedure as surgeries go, weight loss surgery is far from being simple in side-effects. Moreover, it costs a lot and you would need at least a few weeks of your time to […]

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Emotional Eating And Its Effects

During our times of emotional upheaval, we resort to food for comfort. We would all like to have a tub of ice-cream to see us through a stressful or depressing period. This is because during these times, the body feels low on energy and the sweet food stuffs provide the extra energy needed for your […]

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Know Your Fitness Plan

When you choose a fitness plan for yourself, you must ensure that you are well aware of the fitness plan. You must not choose any plan which you are not fully aware of. You need to know all the basics of the fitness plan that you choose. You might become desperate to lose weight but […]

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