Personal Loan Singapore And Its Requirements

If you are interested to apply for personal loan Singapore,the first thing that comes to your mind is its requirements. Obviously, you want to know if you qualify for such loan. Prerequisites may vary depending on the loan provider who offers this service. Hence, it is best to choose the company where you will apply for the loan first so you will know the specific requirements that you need to comply.

Singaporeans are required to present the latest and original pay slip when applying for the loan. NRIC, CPF Statements, Original PUB Bill, CPF Statements and hand phone bill may also be required. If you are a foreigner, you need to bring your pay slip for the last 3 months. A letter of appointment from your employer or company will also be needed. A bank statement, Singaporean Employment Pass and Tenancy Agreement will also be required. Foreigners will also need to provide a passport and S-Pass to qualify for the loan. But as it has been said, various lending institutions vary in their loan requirements. Hence, what can be required from one company may not be needed on another. So make sure that you keep a list of your lending institutions requirement so you can comply on them the soonest time possible.

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