How To Convert Your Speakers Into Wireless Speakers

Running speaker cable through your home for setting up speakers can be a hassle. As an alternative to running long cables, several companies are offering solutions that can turn your speakers into wireless speakers. In this review I will glance at a few of those products.

The first type of products are audio transmitters. These kits usually include a transmitter base that connects to an audio source such a CD player, PC sound card or MP3 player via cable. The signal is then converted to wireless and streamed to a remote wireless receiver. The receiver will output the audio to a power amplifier. These transmitters differ in range depending on the wireless technology. Bluetooth transmitters use this well established wireless protocol. However, Bluetooth transmitters have a fairly low range. Transmitters using a proprietary protocol have much better range. One common shortfall of these products is the fact that they need an external power amp to drive a speaker.

The second group of products is called "wireless speaker kit" or "wireless surround sound kit". These products are available on the web at as well as several HiFi retailers. These kits differ from audio transmitter products in that the wireless receiver unit includes a power amplifier and can directly drive a speaker.

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