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Seo is a way to achieve higher marks on website. It is helpful in website development. Google and yahoo support Seo. Seo is spread worldwide and is used by lots of people. There are Seo companies all over to help customers work with them. The seo consultancy provides all the following services for Seo:

Organic results the website of yours using these will be displayed at the main body of search result page. It wont be displayed at the secondary page or sponsored link page.
Keyword search the keyword is necessary to reach the website. It is not necessary that everyone remembers the website name, so there are people who search with the help of keywords on Google. Keywords should be quite conceptual.
Competitive analysis there are lots of different companies having connection or producing the same product. So there are competitions. You in that analysis should acquire a higher position.
Website analytics the analysis should be made on website. How good is your website, is it working well in comparison to other website. Traffic or visitors should be more on your website.
Link building linking your website or website address in others website is also necessary, so that people all around come to know about your website and when they visit they come to know about your company or product. It is the way of link marketing.
Content development content is something which is added in your website. As the data, image, videos are quite a necessary thing on website. It needs to be quite easy and effective to understand.

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