Build a Poker AI in Your Spare Time

For the first time, artificial intelligence technology has been exposed to the world, allowing anyone to build their own AI and perform a Turing test to see if it passes for human.

In the past, computer scientists built poker-playing robots (called ‘bots’) as academic experiments to test the limits of artificial intelligence. Some of these bots were highly successful and could even beat the best poker players in the world. They passed the poker version of a Turing test: they showed that they were human by beating a human at poker. 

The rise of the robots. Now anyone can build an AI...

After years of work, Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot was introduced to the web at in September 2015. It’s a ground-breaking poker bot ‘platform’ that stands apart from its predecessors in two ways:

Firstly, it’s able to ‘learn’ from its human opponents to create an optimal winning strategy. Secondly, its creators have made it fully customizable with a user-friendly interface.

Sagittarius ABZ allows any user to create their own poker bot using simple widgets. The days of young poker pros hunched over computers are numbered.

Time for the Turing test. Can it win?

Once you’ve built your poker bot in Sagittarius ABZ you can unleash it on real online poker tables to test its artificial intelligence. Can it pass the Turing test? Can it win against real human players?

It uses an algorithm to take over your computer’s controls and perfectly mimic human mouse movements. That allows you to leave Sagittarius running for hours, playing thousands of hands automatically. When you come back, you can find out if your custom-built poker bot has passed the Turing test.

Want to know more? Visit abz Poker Bot .com

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