Achieve Indoor Comfort with Air Conditioning

Many of our buildings are now fitted with air conditioning which provides a comfortable and clean environment in which we can live and work. Air conditioning installation has grown in popularity as more and more homes, offices, warehouses and restaurants install it to provide the ideal indoor conditions.

Air conditioning has many benefits and is used to both heat a building as well as to cool it. This means that when air conditioning is fitted to a building you can enjoy the perfect temperature all year round.

Air con not only heats or cools the ambient air it also removes airborne pollution, pollen, dust, bacteria and spores which makes it the ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.
Air Conditioning will:
Control Temperature (cooling and heating). General comfort ranges from 20 25 deg C in the UK.

Control Humidity (the moisture content in the air). Air con can either add moisture or it can remove it. If the air is too dry then this can result in dryness of the skin, sore eyes and a dry throat. Air con can adjust the humidity as required.
Provide Ventilation. Air con provides fresh clean oxygen for breathing and dispels carbon dioxide, odours, smoke and dust.
Provide Filtration. Air con filters and cleans the outside air and removes dust, pollutants, pollen etc.

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